When our neighbors, family members, and friends go to war to serve our interests and protect our freedom, it’s possible that they may never see home again. That’s a choice they make. In return, we need to make sure they’re taken care of. 

I support a number of benefits for our veterans:

  • Free tuition for veterans to get a college degree
  • Allocating funding for programs to help veterans get good-paying jobs in fields that they’re interested in
  • Legalizing medicinal marijuana for veterans in need
  • Improving and expanding on services for female veterans and establishing a fund to cover all healthcare costs for veterans and their families

Additionally, I will oppose any attempt to privatize the Veterans Administration. I believe we need to increase funding to existing veteran benefits programs and expand the services for our troops.

This is America, we can afford to give our veterans EVERYTHING they need. In Congress, I’ll fight for our veterans and the care and resources they deserve.