As our economy becomes more unpredictable, financial security and stability are out of reach for Michiganders from all walks of life. The middle class of yesterday feels like it has been replaced with side hustles, benefit cuts, and outsourcing. In order to truly reinvigorate the middle-class jobs, we must work to find new solutions to the questions of the twenty-first century. We must create an American economy that invests in American workers — through a living wage, new training programs, and reinvigorated unions. America has tried tax cuts and special giveaways to the biggest corporations, and they haven’t worked. While large corporations post record profits year after year, our working families are only falling further behind. We do best when we invest in people through training and education and our programs targeted to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and quality manufacturing.


I’m proud to be endorsed by a number of labor unions as someone whose record demonstrates how I’ve advocated for our workforce. In Congress, I’ll fight to raise the minimum wage to a living wage as it is meant to be, to create good-paying jobs right here in Michigan that can’t be offshored elsewhere, and provide resources like job training and reliable unemployment benefits for Michiganders.